Child Psychology Schools in Washington

Washington is the 13th most populate state in the U.S. having more than 40 educational institutes. Some of the most extensive industries include Automotive, Computer Software, Biotechnology, and Aircraft Development. It is an ideal state to study and work in. Another name for Child Psychology is Developmental Psychology. This branch of psychology primarily revolves around studying and examining the mental and psychological growth of an infant till adolescence. It deals with the careful study and observation of how a child matures mentally. The purpose of this field of psychology is to address and treat any psychological issues that may arise during the course of this time.

If you enjoy working with children and are genuinely interested in their psychological development and mental upbringing, then you should explore the field of child psychology. Once you gain the relevant academic experience and exposure, you will be able to add greater value to this field. Education will equip you with the necessary training, skill, concepts and ideas that are integral to practicing child psychology.

The Eastern Washington University, Antioch University Seattle, Bastyr University, Central Washington University and Western Washington University are just some schools that offer clinical psychology programs to interested students. Some courses that you may come across include Research and Statistics, Introductory Psychology, Advanced Psychology, Rehabilitation, Communication and so on. These courses will help you develop an understanding of the principles of the field of child psychology.

Developmental Psychologists get hired in a variety of settings that may include hospitals, clinics, teaching institutes, correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers and so on. Progression depends on your level of experience.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( the employment growth of psychologists is expected to increase by 22% over this decade. This is news that can be treated positively by prospective students and job candidates who are looking to enter the field of developmental psychology. The average annual salary for Child Psychologists in Washington is $59,000 (

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