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North Carolina, located in the Southeast, is best known for its production of furniture and tobacco. But the state has also become a leading state for banking, scientific development, technology and energy. North Carolina is also well-known for its outstanding research universities, offering numerous fine opportunities for would-be child psychologists. Urban North Carolina is currently experiencing a rapid growth in population and job opportunities, though many rural areas are suffering a decline in them.

Child Psychologist Job Description

If you’re interested in working with children, you might consider a career as a child psychologist. Child psychologists are experts in the mental, social and emotional development of children and adolescents. Because child psychology is such a vast and complex field, some child psychologists specialize in one or more specific areas, such as genetics, language development, personality, cognitive development, sexual development, social growth or gender roles, depending upon the job position they’re most interested in. Some choose to specialize in a certain age group, while others choose to specialize in a certain type of patient, such as drug abusers.

Child psychologists can also specialize according to the type of job setting they want to work in.  Some choose to work in courtrooms, serving as expert witnesses in criminal or civil cases. Others choose to work in correctional facilities, schools or hospitals, while others choose to work in research facilities as researchers.

Educational Requirements for Becoming a Child Psychologist

These requirements vary from state to state, and even more for the type of job position you want to fill. Some assistant positions in government or in research facilities only require a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but a master’s or doctoral degree is required for any position where a child psychologist counsels or treats patients.

One type of doctoral degree that’s becoming increasingly popular for psychologists is the Psy.D degree. This degree is intended as a short-cut for psychologists who don’t intend to become professional researchers, which requires a Ph.D degree.

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