Child Psychology Schools in New Hampshire

There are many public and private schools that offer child psychology education in New Hampshire. These schools can be founds in 3 cities across the state. Keene and New London are two cities with largest number of certified child psychology schools in New Hampshire. These schools only offer programs at undergraduate level.

Core child psychology classes in New Hampshire offer their services in the subjects like sensation and perception, theories of personality, and social psychology, at undergraduate level. Elective courses offered include subjects of statistical methods and advanced research, physiological psychology, and clinical.

In New Hampshire about 26 students acquired the graduate degree in Child Psychology, in 2010. This number is lower than the past 4 years. The number of students graduating with the degree of child psychology was only 28, in 2006. This shows that number of students getting graduated in New Hampshire is decreased by more than 7%.

Child Psychology program cost and salaries in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Child Psychology students at both private and public can apply for the variety of financial assistance including loans and grants. In 2010, $25 million was the total aid earned by the New Hampshire Child Psychology students, in different courses.

Tuition fee at public school is about $9,138 for in-state students and $17,073 for out of state students. Private schools charge around $25,100 for in-state and $32,640 for out of state students. Average salary for a child psychologist in New Hampshire is about $57,000 per annum.

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