Child Psychology Schools in Nevada

If you have a passion to help children and want a promising career, the study of child psychology is a rewarding field. Child psychology schools in Nevada offer a range of psychology programs that concentrate on the developmental process and growth of infants and young children until they reach adolescence. Students are introduced to three different areas of the development process; physical, cognitive, and psychosocial. Whether a student enters an associate, bachelor, master or Ph.D. program, there are options of different positions in the psychology field. You will be prepared to work in a diverse and challenging psychology career.

Nevada definitely has a demand for health care services in psychology. Child psychologists are in high demand in hospitals and medical care organizations. The job opportunities are in Carson City, Elko, Henderson, Las Vegas and Reno. When a student has an advanced child psychology degree the earnings can reach up to $70,000 or more annually (U.S. Dept. of Labor), depending on the company and specialty.

The job offers in Nevada isn’t in high numbers because of the population in the state. However, jobs are available to professionals with extensive experience, education and a license to practice. The schools that offer psychology programs are few. Students may choose a program at Nevada State College, Sierra Nevada College, and University of Nevada.

The best programs are available at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and Reno. Undergraduate and graduate programs are offered at both universities. The University in Reno has Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. programs whereas the University of Nevada in Las Vegas has only Bachelors and Ph.D. programs. With a Bachelor’s degree a student can use their expertise in Child Psychology in various careers. He or she may work in public relations, social services and personnel. With an advanced degree a student may be a Researcher, Psychotherapists, counselor in schools and the judicial system or practice as a licensed psychologist.

To work in the psychology field the student is required to achieve an associate, certificate, Master, or a Ph.D. The pay is considerable lower for those with an associate than it is for graduates with a Masters or Ph.D. degree.

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