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The Western U.S. State, Montana, is a growing populated state with opportunity for success in the child psychology profession. Its economy is influenced by healthcare services and makes up a significant portion of the business sector. The demand for child psychologist is prevalent in the United States and always a necessity in schools and hospitals. Students who have the desire to study child psychology can begin at an undergraduate level. There are bachelor, master, and PhD programs offered at public and private schools in the state.

Educational institutions are the largest employment sector for the demand for child psychologists in Montana. The average annual income for a developmental psychologist is $41,000 (BLS). The salaries are for psychology professionals in schools, colleges and universities. Graduates with a psychology degree can pursue jobs as a counselor, therapist, professor, teacher or director. The job opportunities are broaden in many areas of the healthcare and social sectors.

Program Levels

Graduate Program

The field of child psychology offers plenty of opportunities for students on all three levels including graduate, masters and PhD. The graduate program allows a student to receive a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Once the graduate program is completed the student may become counselor, forensic child psychologist or social worker. In Montana a psychology professional can find employment with health, marketing and data analysis corporations.

Master Program

To further one’s career and for advancement purposes it is advisable to complete a master’s program at one of Montana’s universities. Corporations, government, health care and social care facilities offer higher salaries for those professional who have a master’s degree. The opportunities in Montana are in the public and private sectors including education, business, medicine and counseling. There are also positions for teachers and researchers who collect, analyze and evaluate data.

PhD Program

To reach the highest level of success and salary in child psychology field the professional must attain a PhD. Professionals with a PhD normally hold administrative, counseling and licensed psychologist positions. A licensed professional in psychology earns between $65,000 to over $100,000 yearly in Montana.

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