Child Psychology Schools in Missouri

One of the most populous states in the United States is Missouri with economic growth in the mental healthcare system. The state is known for its educational system beginning at elementary to historical, private and public universities. Psychology is a lucrative career field to explore with a variety of specialties such as, Child Psychology. If you are looking for competitive salaries as a psychologist, Missouri is the state to consider for employment. There are over thirty universities with programs throughout the state that are offered on all degree levels.

Historical, Private and Public Colleges and Universities

Missouri has over thirty- five historical, private and public colleges and universities with psychology programs. The largest university in the state is the University of Missouri in Columbia followed by other statewide public universities like the University of Missouri in St. Louis and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Students who prefer a private institution may select Washington University in ST. Louis and Saint Louis University which are in the top 100 universities in the country. Regardless of your psychology career goals, there are programs that offer courses online or on campus.

Online versus Classroom Course Settings

Online and classroom course settings are offered to students at some of the colleges and universities in Missouri. The online courses are convenient for busy adults who want to pursue a degree, certification, or license. Students may select schools that offer both course settings. For example, students who want to select online courses and classroom courses may choose programs at Central Methodist University in Fayette; Columbia College in Columbia; or Park University in Parkville. Those schools have Child Psychology Programs in both classroom settings.

Salaries of Child Psychologists

The median annual salary for psychologists is approximately $65,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Report. The minimum pay for a psychologist is estimated at $33,000 and the maximum pay is approximately $95,000. There are different factors to influence a child psychologist pay including the geographical area in Missouri, experience, type of industry and psychology specialty.

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