Child Psychology Schools in Hawaii

If you are interested in becoming a child psychologist in the state of Hawaii you will find that it takes many years of school, a clinical internship for one year, a post-doctoral internship of one year and then passing the Hawaii Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. All of this is a very lengthy process.

To pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology in Hawaii you have a choice of attending one of several schools. The University of Hawaii at several different locations offers a full-time, four year program to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. You can attend on one of the following campuses: Hilo, Manoa or West Oahu.

There are quite a few choices of online degree programs available to you if you live in Hawaii and want to pursue this career. Walden University offers an online program for child psychology. This is a doctorate degree program, so you would first need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in psychology. This degree is also available from Walden University, so it is possible to complete all you education with them.

Taking online courses can be a challenge and requires a lot of perseverance. You will have to work harder to make sure that you keep up with your classes and work. When you attend school online you have to make the time to get things done. Since there is no set time that you have to be somewhere, it can take more discipline to go to a virtual school then to a physical school.

Kaplan University also offers an online degree program. At Kaplan University you can obtain your bachelor’s of science in psychology with an emphasis on child development. These courses specifically pertain to helping children with special needs. After completion of this degree you may need to attend a doctoral program to practice as a psychologist in Hawaii.

There are lots of choices available to becoming a child psychologist in Hawaii.

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