Child Psychology Schools in Florida

Child psychologists are an in demand career according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you choose to pursue it as a career you will need to attend a university to get a doctoral degree in psychology. After graduating from school you will need to pass an exam to become licensed to practice in the state of Florida.

Child psychologists work in several different settings with children. They may work in one-on-one counseling sessions with children to diagnosis and treat any number of mental conditions. Child psychologists will work with children who have ADHD or children who have brain injuries. They can also work in school settings with children who have learning disabilities or social behavioral issues. School psychologists may also work with teens on issues dealing with teen pregnancy or issues relating to drugs.

All child psychologists need to be especially aware of abuse that a child may be suffering. A child psychologist may work as a social worker to help children in broken or abusive families. They often deal with children who are lacking in one or more of the basic necessities of life. Helping families make sure their children are getting food and education can also be a part of the role of a child psychologist who works as a social worker.

In Florida there are several schools where you can get an undergraduate degree in psychology. After that a higher degree is necessary to become licensed in the state. Argosy University in Sarasota and Tampa has a large psychology department. They offer degrees ranging from a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology to a Doctor of Psychology and a Master of Arts in Psychology. At Barry University in Miami they also offer a wide variety of degrees from Bachelors to Masters Degrees.

To become a child psychologist it takes many years of hard work and dedication at an accredited college or university. Once completed the field can be an exceptional one to work in.

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