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Alaska, the largest and least densely populated state, is located at the northwestern extremity of the North American continent and is separated from the rest of the U.S. by a section of western Canada. The northwestern tip of Alaska is closer to the northeastern tip of Russian than any part of Alaska is to any section of the U.S. Though parts of inland Alaska are bitterly cold in the winter, the southern coast of Alaska has surprisingly mild winters. The economy is dominated by natural gas, oil and fishing.

A Child Psychologist’s Role

Child psychology is the study of the development of young people from the time of conception until their entry into adulthood. A child psychologist is trained in all aspects of the development of infants, children and adolescents, including the emotional, sexual, mental and social aspects of personality.

Child psychologists utilize their training and expertise in counseling, assessment and human behavior to aid young people in coping with their problems and growing into well-adjusted adults. Relying on techniques derived from scientific research, these professionals help young people understand the reasons behind their problematic feelings and behaviors and develop new skills and strategies in dealing with issues.

While helping young people who are in pain or difficulty can at times prove trying, child psychologists can find significant value and satisfaction in their work. The care they provide can make all the difference in a child’s life by relieving stress and anxiety and by promoting positive coping skills, oftentimes preventing further complications later.

Educational Requirements for Becoming a Child Psychologist

There are few options available in child psychology to someone who only holds a bachelor’s degree. While there are some good child psychology positions that only require a master’s degree, job options are more plentiful for those who hold a PhD or PsyD degree in either clinical or counseling psychology. The PsyD has become a popular alternative to a PhD for people who are more in interested in setting up a professional practice than in doing research.

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