Psychology Careers and Licensure in New York

New York is the most advanced, developed and 3rd most populous state in the U.S. It has a flourishing economy that provides employment and business opportunities to people. This state borders with New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont. Some of the cities like New York City, Buffalo, Rochester and Yonkers are known for enhancing economic development. There is a brilliant system of businesses with jobs available in almost all sectors.


New York is a center of great businesses including finance and culture whereas it serves as the desired area for immigration. The population of this state is 19,465,197, in which 8.1 million live in its most populous New York City. This state has business in exports, production and service sectors and its major industries include agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, social assistance, accommodation and food services.

The New York State Department of Labor, Division of Research and Statistics estimates that the long-term industry employment projection for almost 90 detailed industries is 9,726,760. Psychologists who choose to work in this state might benefit a lot in the coming years. These practitioners work after comprehending mental processes and human behavior by understanding, observing and noting how people relate with each other and the surroundings. Clinical, school and research specialists study and treat mental disorders of children and families.

Education Requirements

Practitioners of this field usually focus on life, physical, and social science occupations.

Bachelor’s degree

New York is a state with a large population and constantly changing demographics in which the economy has been increasing with an unpredictable rate. The service sector looks to hire psychologists while professionals also have an open option to join healthcare and education settings. The education sector being the largest in the country entails excellent opportunities for psychologists to be part of research, and assistant-ship programs at elementary schools and colleges. Other areas in which psychologists might serve are sales and advertisement, home healthcare, and food and housing.

Master’s degree

If you have earned a master’s degree in psychology then the most popular setting to get associated with is healthcare. You might get a chance to work as a psychiatric aide, counselor or a social worker. It has been seen that school counselors, behavioral disorder and substance abuse counselors have the highest concentration in this New York. In addition to this, the business sector is well-known for hiring psychologists to employee issues in a competitive business environment.

Doctorate’s degree

After completing a doctorate level degree, you should be able to excel further. The most employed psychologists in New York are clinical psychologists who deal with individuals having mental issues that affect their overall health. According to the Occupational Employment Statistics Survey, of the 700 occupations in New York State, the job prospects for clinical, counseling, and school psychologists are quite favorable. With a higher degree you could even work as a neuropsychologist, industrial-organizational psychologist, forensic, or a social psychologist. They perform various duties in hospitals, research firms, prisons, universities and many more.

Licensing Requirements

In New York, the minimum education requirement set for the licensing is a doctorate degree.  Subsequently, experience of 2 years or 3500 hours in this field needs to be gained, whereas one year’s experience is also acceptable with an internship. After completing these requirements, one needs to sit in Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) to earn a licensure.

Career Opportunities

Clinical Psychologists: According to the Occupational Employment Statistics Survey in 2012, there are 10,170 jobs of clinical counseling and school psychologists with a percentage change of 4.9%. Professionals of this field provide assistance and services to those who have been suffering from mental illnesses, psychiatric problems and abnormal behaviors. They treat people who have complex human problems through diagnosis and examination. Some prominent employers are U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and Harlem East Life Plan.

Educational Psychologists:  They help school children and young ones with their emotional, behavioral, social and academic problems. Together with parents, educators and other specialists, they provide a healthy, safe and helpful environment to keep a strong connection between parents and students. Popular employers are Success Charter Network, YAI – College Point and Mercy College.

Salary Trends

As recorded in 2012 a licensed psychologist in New York on average earns $82,000 annually. (

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