Psychology Careers and Licensure in Kansas

Kansas is a state that has made an effort to become prosperous and is relishing in what they have sewn. Being an agricultural and wildlife farming region, the state has now transformed and is growing in various sectors of production and services. The state’s largest source of income remains to be livestock. Kansas has evolved into the production services industry by producing automobiles and now has earned the success as being the largest producer of aircrafts for civilian purposes. With such progress, they have been expanding their industries more and hiring highly qualified professionals. Therefore, psychology careers in Kansas could be skyrocketing for those who have strong educational background in this area and want to become residents of Kansas.

Kansas Overview

Kansas has invested in self-improvement of its residents on the basis of its resources. Various forms of advocacy prevail in state governing and private societies to improve the mindset of society regarding different issues. The state has developed strong healthcare policies to assure care and mental wellness for young ones. Many new social welfare programs are being introduced that are directed towards the betterment of the state.


Efforts have been made to foster the overall health of people, their safety as well as protection. With the expansion of automobiles and aircraft industry, there has been a dire need for individuals who would help generate viable policies to maintain overall operations of these companies. For an environment where people from different cultures work to increase productivity, these companies have been hiring engineering psychologists. They know the exact policies and environment in which people work to assist in the advancement the existing system.

Education Requirements

Associate Degree

An associate degree in psychology makes one capable of providing effective assistance to people suffering from any mental disorder. However, training is necessary with such qualification. It will allow you to work under the supervision of psychologists to learn and administer various tasks.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in psychology is the conceptual building block to understand the fundamentals of psychology. It assists to comprehend human behavior and further helps individuals to discover a preferred area of study for specialization. This degree will provide many opportunities for graduates in almost every sector. Companies that are flourishing in Kansas hire engineering psychologists, while welfare centers look for social psychologists to deal with people and their issues.

Master’s Degree

At master’s level, one gains the capability of being a credible counselor and becomes eligible for licensure. However, a comprehensively acceptable qualification in this field is a PhD degree. Master’s level education also allows one to be able to innovate and advance in psychology. Counseling will allow one to apply their skills and knowledge in helping community members in areas such as community welfare. A master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology will allow one to have the ability to improve the functionality of human resources.

PhD Degree

A PhD is attained to have mastery over a particular area, either counseling or psychiatry, depending on individual preference. With the intention to work as a professional in Kansas, it has been recommended that individuals must have a PhD in one of the specialized fields to ensure a promising career. Employers in this state seek to hire people with a PhD degree,as their chances of growth in any industry are immense compared to master’s degree graduates.

License Requirements

One can become a licensed psychologist after completing a master’s degree program along with supervised practices as well as Board required coursework. The required prerequisite is 100 hours of supervised work in groups and 50 hours of one-to-one practice training under supervision. Doctorate level professionals have to complete two years of supervised fieldwork. The Board must approve the supervision provision. After the completion of these requirements, one is eligible for the Examination of Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), which can be taken after a master’s degree in psychology.

Career Opportunities

In various avenues, Iowa is attempting to improve the overall well-being and development of its youth.

Educational Psychologists: Around half of the qualified psychologists are working in educational institutes such as, elementary and middle schools. They function at the administrative level in which they regulate teachers and instructors and make modes of learning more effective. They play a chief role in formulating policies and in giving advices for curriculum compilation. Educational psychologists have employment rate of almost 34% in this state. (

Health Psychologists: The efforts are directed towards the future generation of Iowa, which also includes betterment of the general health of children. Employment opportunities are available in regulating bodies for instance in planning, social welfare and health. For the sake of betterment of the society as a whole, these psychologists ensure health related procedures along with understanding the psyche of individuals and families. They also help victims and offenders and aid in a variety of legal procedures to maintain physical and mental health. These psychologists might apply in a wide variety of health care settings, such as health care centers, government health agencies, private facilities, rehabilitation centers, and health care programs directed to educate people of health issues and measures.

Salary Outlook

In the State of Kansas in 2012, psychologists had average annual earnings of $58,000. (

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