Sociocultural Psychology Degree Programs

Socio-cultural psychology deals with the study of the developmental, cognitive, and learning processes that have significant impacts on culture and society. This is a field that seeks to advance the knowledge of people when it comes to the cultural differences that exist within the society, including the various beliefs, values, manners, practices, and normative behaviors. The different theories that are being studied and applied by the professionals in this field are linked to identity, self-image, and reality.


Socio-cultural psychologists believe that higher order functions are caused by peers, caregivers, and parents. More so, they are confined with the assertion that there are two cultural development stages that are apparent among children. The first stage is the social level and the second stage is the individual level. On the social level, the focus is the psychological processes. On the other hand, in the individual level, the focus is intra-psychology.


One of the most important fields that should be understood in socio-cultural psychology is the zone of proximal development. This is used to determine the actual development level and potential development of independent problems. Professionals in this field also study sleeping arrangements in various cultures. In the educational setting, the study why teachers assign homework to their students and why school is obligatory. Many of the things learned by socio-cultural psychologists are obtained from informal learning systems.

Degree Programs

Masters Degrees

Once you have a bachelor’s degree, you can decide to advance into master’s program. In this level, you will have to complete two years of study that focuses on human behavior and how it is being influenced by various groups. Some of the areas that are being covered in this degree would include criminal behavior, health education, and social sciences. Some of the courses that you will take are related to social psychology, attitude formation, group dynamics, counseling, applications of social psychology, social cognition, and statistical methods of research, among others.

More so, if you want to have a more extensive study of this specialized field of psychology, you can pursue a doctoral degree. This is ideal if you would want to pursue a degree in social sciences, specifically with focus on research. This level will allow you to be provided with a better orientation in theories, principles, and research methods. This will also require you to complete a dissertation. Some of the popular courses that are covered in this level include social neuroscience, perception and attitude, human stereotyping, social development, and psychology of self-control.

Career Opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are at least 113,270 people who are employed as clinical, counseling , and school psychologists. Such careers are considered to be on the rise. Some of the work settings at which you can be employed would include elementary and secondary schools, offices of health practitioners, and individual and family services. The specific positions that can be considered include:

– Marketing researcher

– Educational course designer

– Social psychology consultant

– Clinical researcher

– Systems designer

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