Pros and Cons of a Special Education Teacher

Last Updated: June 29, 2024

The Basics

Special education teachers aren’t like your average classroom teacher. They have specific special training to be able to work with children with both mental and physical disabilities. In order to become qualified to become a special education teacher, more schooling is needed.

Special education teachers play a very special role in helping the development and learning of children with disabilities. They offer them support as they grow into adults. This is an enriching career path. However, like any other profession, it has its downfalls.

If you have been interested in becoming a special education teacher, you must know the pros and cons to ensure that you are fit for the job. To learn more about the pros and cons of becoming a special education teacher, continue reading.

The Pros of Being a Special Education Teacher

Pro No. 1 – The students will make it worthwhile for you

Special education students need to have a good teacher. These students need more care to get a handle on abilities that come so easily to their friends. The feeling of outstanding achievement is to be received by those who choose to be a special education teacher.

The bonds you will be able to create with exceptional, unique individuals is one of the great rewards of choosing this career path.

Pro No. 2 – Getting your degree in special education qualifies you for different positions in education

Accreditation in special education is a significant enhancement. It opens numerous employment opportunities and potentially opens doors for you.

You are much more prone to getting recruited, regardless of whether you’re not approved for a special education position. Thus, if you observe that you need to take a shot at an alternate part of the education work field, that is an opportunity for you.

Pro No. 3 – There is plenty of demand for special education teachers, and work is always available

Many individuals would instead not even attempt to deal with the struggles of teaching special education. That means that there are employment opportunities in the field most of the time. Having what it takes to manage developmental and emotional disabilities is an expertise that is generally valued in the realm of education.

Pro No. 4 – You get the satisfaction of making an actual difference in students’ lives

There is a fulfillment that shows up in helping other people. You will encounter the delights of instructing on an expanded level—regardless of whether you need to manage extra struggles.

Special education teachers learn a lot of tolerance. They also understand the importance of appreciation as they assist their students with developing themselves properly and helping them grow up into functional adults.

Pro No. 5 – Sometimes, special education teachers leave work earlier than other staff

Special education teachers can sometimes leave work earlier than the other school staff. Since they need to invest more energy in preparing and desk work, many special education teachers end their days before others. This might be better for guardians who need to get children from different schools.

Pro No. 6 – You can access a large supportive community in a special education job position

Special education teachers often have the advantage of turning out to be highly engaged with different experts who are committed to working with people with handicaps and disabilities.

During the time spent making a strong Individual Education Plan (IEP) for a student, a special education teacher might foster close bonds with relatives. They will often develop effective expert connections with:

  • Specialists
  • Psychologists
  • Behaviouralists
  • Caseworkers
  • Agents of projects run by state organizations or charitable gatherings

Besides being the one who helps these individuals with your expertise, this extended friend group can prompt invigorating career choices not too different from each other.

Pro No. 7 – You have the opportunity to be forever learning new things with a career in special education

One of the main reasons special education work is so engaging is the way that it gives you a long period of learning. All education experts are focused on learning. However, in special education, a four-year certification is only the start.

Every student with special requirements presents a one-of-a-kind blend of gifts and difficulties – and another motivation for their teachers to find out more. In fact, many people who have their four-year degrees return to school just for the sake of learning more.

There are always new discoveries and approaches getting introduced in this field of work. So, you can expect to learn new things and come up with fresh ideas frequently.

Pro No. 8 – You have help from working as a team rather than doing everything yourself

A special education teacher isn’t the only one to sort out the ideal way to answer an individual or a class. Truth be told, special education programs have generally underlined the worth of a group approach.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) frequently draw on the mastery of numerous experts and special education teachers. As often as possible, they work with study hall assistants or different specialists who are essential and dynamic individuals from the group.

Relatives likewise may work with the group to help a student’s education or track down the most effective way to assist that student with advancing toward their most tremendous success.

Pro No. 9 – You will most likely get summer break and weekends off

Just like other teachers working in a public school, the special education teachers will most likely follow a similar, if not the same, work schedule. This means that on weekends you won’t have to go to work. It’s the same thing for summer, spring, and winter breaks; paid time off.

The Cons of Being a Special Education Teacher

Con No. 1 – Parent and guardian understanding and reasoning often are absent

Parents and guardians of special education students frequently don’t have the slightest idea of how to manage their children. This implies that they can expect that you should work marvels without continuously being skeptical of your techniques when you can’t pull it off.

Parents and guardians will argue with you about common decency and proper care for their kids, even as you get familiar with their formative necessities. This can be pretty frustrating and make it hard to cooperate with them, which is essential for student success.

Con No. 2 – Special education teachers often do not get the appreciation they ought to

For reasons unknown, special education teachers don’t receive enough respect and appreciation according to people in general. They often have to prove themselves and their abilities by constantly demonstrating their work, which should not be necessary.

For these reasons, special education teachers have a strangely high turnover rate.

Con No. 3 – You will have to deal with much more paperwork

You will need to gather their information and outline their improvement for every student. That means that you will use up a lot of your work time and energy filling out paperwork for each student. This could be a pretty time-consuming task and quickly become overwhelming if you were to fall behind on all of it.

Being a special education teacher means that you must be very organized and good at time management.

Con No. 4 – You may be more likely to feel stress and burnout

Special education teachers frequently face exceptionally upsetting days. They often experience more than one issue or struggle a day. Since they work with students with physical and behavioral disabilities, special education teachers might confront students’ outbursts, fits of rage, and any other wild way of behaving.

They might confront confused students who are battling their emotions. Or, they may have to deal with students rebelling by declining to take care of their responsibilities. They might encounter those problems on top of monstrous measures of desk work expected by the school.

On top of that, they are having analysis from other staff or managerial experts who don’t comprehend hypotheses connected with special education.

Things can become too overwhelming and messy quite quickly for special education teachers. They need to be sure not to become over-stressed and burnt out.

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