What Do You Need to Start a Career in Evolutionary Psychology

What is the Purpose of Evolutionary Psychology?

Evolutionary psychology is the study of how human psychological traits and variables develop, change and adapt over the course of time. Nothing is constant except change and this is what the purpose of evolutionary psychologists is – to study the change that occurs in the psychology of human beings for the purpose of understanding and helping them.

The purpose of evolutionary psychology is to offer an understanding of human behavior and how it may change over the course of time. Many evolutionary psychologists feel that human behavior changes depending on environmental factors and variables. Evolutionary psychologists use their expertise in predicting and explaining human psychology and behavior that can benefit societies in the short or long run. If you have the interest and desire to use different branches of behavioral, biological, evolutionary and sciences to add value to the field of psychology, then you should become an evolutionary psychologist.

Why Do You Need Formal Education?

Before you continue reading, you have to accept the hard truth and that is without adequately education yourself you cannot hope to make it big in the real world – under normal circumstances. A candidate’s resume looks great if it has the right qualifications and certifications for the job. Based on qualifications, a candidate may be short listed for the next step in employment. This is because education and academic training equip students with the necessary skills and competencies to meet real world and practical applications.

So if you wish to enter the field of psychology and to make a name for yourself in the industry, then you must start with education.

What are the Degree Options and Requirements?

It is advised that students have a science background during their high school education as some undergraduate programs may require students to have a science-focused high school passing. An undergraduate program in evolutionary psychology is offered by a limited number of university programs. What is common is a degree program in general psychology at the bachelor’s level which will give you a well-rounded understanding of psychology and prepare you for future courses.

At the master’s level you will find many university programs that offer a master’s in evolutionary psychology. Here you can study a number of different courses such as advanced psychology, genetics, human development, cross cultural studies, evolutionary biology, entomology, anthropology, neuroscience, and so on. During some master’s programs, you may be required to possess practical experience or some research background in psychology in your desired field. A master’s program will allow you to focus on evolutionary psychology from the academic and practical sense. In fact, a master’s program is the most basic requirement to start your career.

A doctorate in the field of evolutionary psychology might be greatly beneficial for evolutionary psychologists that want to work in the research field. Much of the academic training and practical exposure in evolutionary psychology revolves around research so a doctorate degree will definitely be beneficial. At this level you can focus on a particular area of evolutionary psychology which will help pave the way for your career. During your doctorate degree you may be put through significant research projects. As a matter of fact, to earn your degree you may need to complete a thesis project or take part in research that is relevant to your area of specialization. A doctorate certification may give you the necessary boost.

What is the Career Potential for Evolutionary Psychology?

According to the database at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov), the field of psychology has a favorable outlook and employment is expected to gradually expand over the coming years. As a matter of fact, the expected growth in employment for psychologists, of which evolutionary psychologists are a part of, is roughly 14% during the course of 2018 to 2028.

Furthermore, the average annual salary for psychologists in general in May 2019 was around $98,230 (bls.gov). Evolutionary psychology is a field where growth and success are largely determined by research findings, publications and experience. So as you spend more time in this field you will gradually gain experience which may give you the career boost you want and deserve.

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