Psychology Careers and Licensure in Georgia

Georgia has the highest population density in United States. The population comprises mainly of Caucasians that have migrated from Great Britain and other areas of Europe, like Germany. Georgia is rich in mineral resources such as coal. Although the state has nuclear power plants, their main source of energy is coal. Georgia’s economy is based entirely on agricultural products. Psychology careers in Georgia are quite popular due to the increasing demand of psychologists needed to cure a large number of people suffering from various mental disorders.


Georgia has a heritage that entails various societal issues which resulted in grave psychological effects. The state was once named “Cracker State” which in prejudicial terminology represents white individuals that lack awareness and knowledge. This was, and still is considered true since the white community does not attempt to comprehend, appreciate and tolerate the cultural aspects of individuals from other races. This has an influence on the mentality of the society.

Ensuring harmony in a multicultural society is challenging which could only be possible by the services of psychologists. With their presence in different sectors of the state, they try to maintain the flow of uninterrupted communication, which is the first step in creating a bridge between different races. These exceptional services are provided by clinical, industrial-organizational, engineering, health, development, social and forensic psychologists in various sectors of a society

Education Requirements

Psychology is a field of study in which one uses its principles and theories to understand and comprehend the human mind.

Bachelors Degree

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology one will gain the necessary know-how of divergent perspectives involved in social interaction and related concerns over other matters. It will allow graduates to be more capable of effectively communicating with others and achieving their targeted goals during their professional life. As this is a richly populated state, there are tendencies for various social ills. Since the state also has a large population of different ethnicities, there could be numerous cases related to racism. A clinical psychologist might step in to help communicate with people to understand their hatred and rage towards others. Moreover, counselors at this point play a pivotal role in suppressing the tendencies that could lead to violent behaviors.

Master’s Degree

A psychology master’s degree holder will have the ability to spread knowledge to improve understanding among communities, especially among minorities.  They gain the ability to provide various forms of counseling services to community members. They can contribute towards the society by helping members through various hands-on programs. These programs have been developed to create a sense of unity among society members. A master’s degree with a health concentration can allow one to gain the ability to provide guidance through advisory services to individuals suffering from certain societal ills. This can include substance abuse and alcoholism.

Doctorate Degree

With a doctorate degree the knowledge gained might help one discover the roots of unwanted mind frames or thoughts. One then gains the ability to implement change through policies and adjustments in practices to encourage acceptance of other cultural norms.

License Requirements

After earning a doctoral degree, one must commit to an internship program that is approved by the American Psychological Association and the Georgia Board of Examiners for Psychologists. One must complete 1500 hours of supervised practice, which takes approximately one to two years. Five hundred of these supervised hours of practice must be spent in direct contact with patients requiring certain types of counseling. After making such efforts, one has to submit an application to qualify for an Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) that will ensure if one can practice as a psychologist in this Georgia.

Career Opportunities

Counselors: As counselors or behavioral disorder psychologists, one will have the opportunity to aid nuclear families. This helps them to facilitate communication among family members. Moreover, marriage counseling even helps individuals to become mentally prepared to quit certain habits and lead normal lives. In the educational arena, they provide one on one counseling to students to deal with personal issues during stages of development and learning.

Forensic Psychologists: They can be part of forensic investigative studies for better law regulation in the state of Georgia. As probation officers they take on the responsibility of ensuring whether one is fit to be a part of the society.  They work in prison systems, law agencies, law firms, courts and rehabilitation centers.

Salary Trends

In the state of Georgia the average annual earning of a psychologist is recorded to be $71,000 in 2012. (

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