Psychology Careers and Licensure in Tennessee

Tennessee is the home to many famous Americans. The congressman considered as among the historical figures of the nation was from Tennessee. The nation is experiencing increasing population growth and the regulating authorities are attempting to expand the economic horizons of the state. With an expansion like this, there will be a great need to understand human behavior in relation to other factors which will eventually give rise to popularity of psychologists. Psychology careers in Tennessee are experiencing great heights of success and might continue to do so in the future. Those who intend on having a striving career should decide to work in this state.


Automotive manufacturing is one of the major industries in the state as it employs over 105,000 residents. Tennessee has concentrated its efforts towards the energy sector as it leads the nation towards innovation of alternate and renewable energy sources. A twenty-three and a half million-dollar grant has been set up to subsidies in order to encourage organizations to use solar powering systems, which has resulted in an increase in employment.

The film production industry of the state directly employs 11,770 Tennessee constituents and pays annually over four hundred and eighty million dollars in wages. In the health care sector, the state has been known as the center of excellence in health care, biotechnology and life sciences.

The health care industry can employ psychologists with various specialties to ensure the well being of the state’s population. The film industry can benefit from psychological assessment of viewers in order to improve production quality. Organizational psychologists can aid in improving the human factor in all industries.

Psychology Education

The educational requirements vary depending on the area you are willing to apply and the education you have gained so far.

Associate Degree

By studying family and relationship sub-fields of psychology, one can enter into family therapy professions on the basis of an associate degree. For the well being of society, the state has focused on the betterment of households to support nuclear family system. Psychologists play a pivotal role to help people suffering from many family and relationship issues.

Master Degree

A master’s degree in psychology is the minimum requirement to work as an alcohol/drug abuse counselor if one intends to ensure employment. There has been an increase in socially unacceptable habits due to the prevailing economic downturn, which ultimately increased the popularity and need for substance abuse counseling. A master’s degree in counseling allows aspiring psychologists to be employed in educational institutes as a guidance counselor. There is an effort made by the state in increasing the number of future contributors to the state’s economy for a more flourishing future.

Doctoral Program in Health Psychology

Mental health counselors must have a doctorate degree in clinical psychology or other such specialized fields. Mental issues rise at any stage in life and there will always be a need for treatment for individuals unable to function as a normal human being. Therefore, with the help of research and practical work, one gains expertise to implement policies for people to lead a normal life. They work in private and government sectors, health care facilities, mental health care centers and sometimes mental asylums to deal with mentally disturbed people.

License Requirements

One must earn a doctoral degree in a specific concentration, which has been accredited from the Committee of Accreditation of the American Psychological Association. The syllabus has to be compiled by the Council for the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology (CNRHSPP) and the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB). One must complete 1900 hours of internship or residency under supervision of a licensed psychologist. This will prove one’s eligibility to pass the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology.

Career Opportunities

Social & Community Welfare: Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors will have a great demand in Tennessee in the future. Marriage and family therapists are among the highest earners in the community and social welfare arena. There are currently 1,970 probation officers and correctional treatment specialists in the state of Tennessee. These psychologists help individuals willing to rehabilitate themselves to lead positive lives and perform daily routine work without any hassle.

Guidance Counseling: Educational, vocational, and school counselors will remain in demand in the years to come since education and training are vital for a successful tomorrow and prosperity. Educational institutes ensure a balanced development of student’s abilities to perform better than before.

Health Care:  Mental health and rehabilitation psychologists are also among the professionals that are required in any society to ensure progress and harmony. The societal norms have evolved and absolute care must be provided to those who cannot mentally cope with daily life issues.

Salary Trends

In 2011, psychologists in the state of Tennessee annually earned an average income of $63,000. (

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