How to Start a Profession in Psychology Field
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Before embarking on any new career path, it’s always a good idea to first know exactly what is required for success in terms of education, training, and skills. Psychology is no different, and the sheer size of the field and its many specializations means one never stops learning, as new discoveries and treatments are devised constantly. (more…)

Sep 28, 2012
Becoming an Accountant with Psychology Degree
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Natural talent and the ability to learn something new are the two main pillars upon which the whole structure of success is built. Various fields nowadays are available to almost every student, but pursuing the wrong degree might not adequately address one’s talents or, more detrimentally, it might hinder one’s professional performance. (more…)

Sep 27, 2012
Top States to Study Social Psychology
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Social psychology is the application of scientific methodologies to justify how one’s feelings, thoughts,and behavior are influenced by the implied, actual, or imagined presence of another. Social psychology comprehensively covers societal issues such as social perception, nonverbal behavior, aggression, discrimination, conformity, and leadership. Social perception and interaction are the most commonly studied behaviors. (more…)

Aug 11, 2012
Top Earning Psychology Fields
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Psychology is the science of studying, analyzing, and understanding human behavior and mental functions and patterns. Because humans are constantly evolving, so too does the study of psychology. New theories and observations are always creating new opportunities for learning from and assisting others. (more…)

Jul 11, 2012
Online Masters Degree in Evolutionary Psychology
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If you find it hard to leave home due to certain reasons to continue your educational process then you must apply for an online master’s degree, instead of traditional one. Individuals who have always been interested in studying evolution of biological life should opt for an online master’s degree in evolutionary psychology. The field of psychology has been successful in covering all aspects of human life. (more…)

Jun 30, 2012
Top States To Study Forensic Psychology
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Forensic psychology is the combination of various sub-fields of psychology. It encompasses counseling psychology, clinical psychology as well as neuropsychology along with other studies that are engaged in dealing with judicial system and procedures. Some of the top states to study forensic psychology are given below for students’ assistance. (more…)

Jun 29, 2012
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