Online Masters Degree in Evolutionary Psychology

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If you find it hard to leave home due to certain reasons to continue your educational process then you must apply for an online master’s degree, instead of traditional one. Individuals who have always been interested in studying evolution of biological life should opt for an online master’s degree in evolutionary psychology. The field of psychology has been successful in covering all aspects of human life.

Therefore, students now have the chance to set off towards a thriving career in evolutionary psychology. This field is especially for those who have good analytical skills to conduct research regarding a wide range of evolutionary psychology topics. Select an accredited online psychology school to begin the journey of an exciting and diverse learning experience.

evolutionary psychology


Evolutionary psychology deals with the psychological and physical development process, which includes perception language and memory. It is an intriguing blend of cognitive psychology and evolutionary biology which helps promote mental development. It further explains that the human mind and body develops through an evolutionary process.

Evolutionary psychologists emphasize on the needs of human being that change with time. Every mind responds and functions differently; therefore, their survival as well as reproductive needs are also different. They try to discover a lot of myths related to mental characteristics, mind’s capacity to work, thought process, and emotions. Evolutionary psychology is well suited for students who are part of social sciences and life sciences. They will be able to find a framework for scientific study of human behavior and psychology.

Courses Taught

In a masters degree in evolutionary psychology students might have a unique opportunity to study an array of topics that are included in this rapidly growing area of study. Students also have to complete a research project on their own under the supervision of a research in charge. Main courses may include:


– Primate Behavioral Ecology

– Cognitive Evolution

– Human Behavioral Ecology

– Research Methods and Statistics

Admission Requirements

If you are willing to attain a post-graduate degree then you must have a graduate degree in one of the subjects of life sciences, such as, biochemical sciences, zoology, psychology, ecology or biological sciences, or in social sciences, sociology and anthropology. You must also have knowledge of the scientific research methods that are usually taught during a graduate program, and are also equivalent to A-level science course.

Career Opportunities

A master’s degree in evolutionary psychology may enhance your research and analytical skills more that are necessary to work in different areas of employment such as private sector, governmental (National Institute of Health) and non-governmental research organizations. They conduct research in laboratory settings, hospitals, schools and research departments of universities. According to National Salary Averages, a psychologist on average earn around $82,978 annually.

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