Best States To Study Psychology

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Psychology is the study of various behaviors that can be a result of biological, physiological and genetic traits. These behaviors can also be caused by emotional, social and developmental elements. The actions and reactions that occur in relation to various stimuli in the given environment are assessed by psychologists.

An individual’s ability to grow and learn as well as interact with other individuals is the basis of psychological studies. These interesting concepts and comprehensive psychology programs are now offered in the best states to study psychology, therefore, find a state to begin the process of learning.

Best States To Study Psychology


California is considered to be the best state for education in psychology.  As a matter of fact, this wealthy state has invested in post secondary advanced education institutes to apply research in discovering various venues in the field of psychology.

The best universities to educate psychology are from the state of California. You could apply for a bachelor’s, masters or doctorate degree program in psychology, depending upon your present qualification.


As Massachusetts is the educational home of the United States, among many post secondary educational institutes it has received 3rd rank for psychology education. This provision for education in the state of Massachusetts has resulted from the fact that the state itself has a tendency for individuals suffering from mental disorders.

Keeping this factor in view numerous psychology degrees are offered by the state in have best psychologists in town.  There are bundle of opportunities for a master’s degree holder in psychology as companies seek to hire specialized psychologists, therefore, select a master’s degree in your area of interest to be successful.


As the biggest state, Texas ranks 13th in education provisions in psychology. Since this state has a relatively huge population, it needs to make sure that it has enough provisions to deal with health issues of people.

Various bachelor programs in psychology require four years to complete and if you want to shorten the time earn an associate degree. It has been highly recommended that students must at least attain a graduate degree program which would pave way for a master’s degree in psychology.

New York

The state of New York holds 17th rank in providing best psychology education. As this state is has been touching the heights of economic prosperity it has requirements of specialized psychologists in industrial-organization psychology as well as behavior analysts to maintain optimum output from people of the state.

New York hosts the largest psychology schools that offer bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs in psychology. While there are also undergraduate programs offered by well reputed universities.  You will be specialized in cognition development, human behavior and research by earning one of the best psychology degrees.

New Jersey

Being at the 8th position on the ranking list, New Jersey has almost 25 schools that offer psychology programs. Students have the option to choose an undergraduate, graduate, masters, PhD or PsyD program from online or traditional schools. You could also take assistance of New Jersey Psychological Association Graduate Students, for scholarships and participation in different committees.