Abnormal Psychology Schools in Washington

Washington is among the most developed states among the 50 states of the country. It is ranked as the 18th most extensive region while being the 13th most populous state. The prosperous business of the state includes work in computer software development, mining, aircraft manufacturing, telecom, retail and tourism. Not only this, health industry has also been operating profitably from many years and employing a lot of professionals.

Even today this industry has 5,600 jobs available. Abnormal psychology is now considered to be an attractive field of psychology where individuals practice health services to treat mentally ill patients. Practitioners here treat abnormalities, disorders, obsessions, emotional disorders and more. Not just this, clinical and research work is also performed to understand health issues prevailing in people. To become a professional of this field, you might have to look for abnormal psychology schools in Washington.

Although experience and skills is an important asset for any job, the basic requirement that is seen before employing people is education. Washington has also set standards and the prerequisites should be met by everyone who has chosen this discipline as their field. Employers give more preference to a degree that is earned at masters or doctoral level but one could advance in the field with a bachelor’s level psychology degree. Only after completing education you would get work in health institutes, care centers, hospitals, clinics, physician’s office, school, colleges and universities. Firms operating in aviation technology might also seek help from these specialists because their work brings endless profits to the firm. (Recommended reading: psychologist education and license requirement in Washington)

According to the Occupation Profile of Clinical, School and Counseling Psychologists in Washington, there will be an increase of 18% in the employment level of these health scientists. Till 2018, the employment is predicted to rise by 3,730. The average salary of an abnormal psychologist in 2012 is $59,000 per year. It gradually increases by one’s experience and expertise.

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