Abnormal Psychology Schools in Ohio

The 7th most populous state in the United States is Ohio and its capital is Columbus. This is also the largest city of the state and provides good business along with employing many people. GDP of this state has always risen because of manufacturing and financial sector activities. Health care industry has also employed lots of people since its origin and currently has 825,000 Ohioans.

One health care field which is gaining ground in the state is abnormal psychology. Professionals from this field treat issues of abnormality, psychopathology, obsession, disruptions in emotions and feelings, and many more. Once their treatment is done, patients get back to their normal lives. Furthermore, specialties of clinical, school and counseling psychology could also work in this area by studying from abnormal psychology schools in Ohio.

Cleveland Clinic Health System is the largest employer in health care industry with 37,800 employees. When you will be done with your education, the next thing you would think about is getting employed in a good health care setting. The employers require relevant degree and experience like all other states and they give preference to master’s and doctoral degrees holders. Upon completion, you might work in schools, personal care facilities, physician’s office, hospitals, home healthcare services, clinics and research facilities. Some firms in the manufacturing and science industry might have a need to employ abnormal psychologists to increase employees work efficiency by eliminating their mental health problems. (Further reading: psychologist license and education requirements in Ohio)

Psychologists from this field are highly in demand as health problems in people are increasing   day by day. The Occupation Profile of Clinical, School and Counseling Psychologists in Ohio states that the rate at which employment will rise is 5%. The number of jobs that might be open till 2018 is 4,730 (acinet.org). The abnormal psychologists have an average annual pay of $59,000, as of 2012 (indeed.com). This pay is influenced by workplace, skills and expertise.

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