Abnormal Psychology Colleges in Mississippi

Mississippi is the 31st populous state of 50 United States. The state majorly depends on agriculture and most of the population is provided water from Mississippi River. The state is well known for its extensive industries among which petroleum and gas sectors are emerging gradually. Other areas include technology, clothing, ships and appliances.

If we look at the health care sector, it is also one of the well responded fields as peoples’ need for health services is increasing with time. One the basis of such growth students willing to have a career in abnormal psychology might have numerous employment options. These practitioners operate by looking at patients that are not fit and have abnormal disorders and distresses. The largest employer of health care in the state is North Mississippi Medical Center known for employing 5000 people. If you want to proceed in this field then you have to complete your educational requirements by getting yourself enrolled in one of the abnormal psychology schools in Mississippi.

Not only could you work as an abnormal psychologist but the state also has strong requirements for counselors, psychopathologists and clinical psychologists. These psychologists are also known for treating patients who have mental disorders along with emotional and health problems. Employers in Mississippi mostly search out professionals with a master’s or doctorate level degree. You could begin your education by opting for a bachelor’s level degree in psychology. Normally these psychologists might work in hospitals, clinics, psychologist’s wards, schools, universities and rehabilitation centers. Moreover, they could even start their own work in private clinics. For more information please read: psychologist education and license requirements in Mississippi.

According to the Occupation Profile of Physical Therapists in Mississippi, the rate of employment for clinical and counseling psychologists is 8%. Till 2018, the employment level is expected to rise by 1,240. Abnormal psychologists earn $75,000 annually as reported in the year 2012. (indeed.com)

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