Schools for Abnormal Psychology Programs in Michigan

Abnormal Psychology Colleges in Michigan

As being one of the industrial states of the region Michigan is still the automobile capital of the country. Some of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers as General Motors and Ford Motor Corporation have their industries established in the region. It is the neighboring state to Canada and has a very critical connection of trade with the country. The state of Michigan has gross state product of over $384 billion. It also has the second most diversified agricultural output in the nation after California, which depicts the level of employment opportunities in the state.

As Michigan happens to be one of the northern Midwestern states the residents have a level of aggression and depression which needs to be cured. For this reason psychology schools in Michigan offer quality degree programs to all the residents of the state. Due to the climate and small town mentality there have been cases of racism against minorities as well as substance/alcohol abuse issues. In order to reduce the violence and other criminal offenses in the region there has been an increased need for trained psychologists.

Abnormal psychologists are individuals that have mastery over comprehending various aspects of human mental abilities. However, with a PhD degree one is able to gain such expertise.  Educational journey might begin with an undergraduate degree in psychology through which one learns the basic principles and theories to understand human behavior. Various programs at the graduate level allow one to gain the ability to counsel and provide therapeutic care which could be applied in vocational, guidance, child and family counseling. (See: psychologist license requirements in Michigan)

In 2011, the annual median income earned by these psychologists in the state was $72,200. In the next six years the employment opportunities for such professionals is expected to increase by the rate of 16 % ( As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment level for these psychologists were 360 in the year 2011.

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