Abnormal Psychology Colleges in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is among the most developed Midwestern states of the United States. As the state happens to be the educational hub of the entire nation there are various abnormal psychology schools in Massachusetts. It has invested in the development of various industries which has been paid off with the immense development of almost every industry and sector.

The state has now encouraged advancements in the field of psychoanalysis since there has been an increased need to reduce the level of social issues, crimes, and racism for social harmony. For an individual to earn the status of a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts one must complete a PhD degree in abnormal psychology. This qualification allows one to gain the ability to develop diagnostic measures in order to discover abnormalities in mental abilities.

The educational process begins with an associate or bachelor’s degree in which students learn the core concepts behind the building blocks of psychological theories. This provides great insight and understanding of the subject that improves one’s ability to deal with different patients with divergent mental issues. With such qualification one becomes eligible to work in public welfare sector as to care for those who cannot care for themselves and even rehabilitate individuals with drug abuse or drinking issues. With a master’s degree in psychology one gets aware of the skills to communicate with patients that need guidance counseling. This includes couples and family therapy.

In the state of Massachusetts, the largest health care employer is the Massachusetts General Hospital that has 14,000 employees. Psychologists earned an annual median salary of $89,400 in the year 2011 in Massachusetts. There is an expected 8% increase in the employment opportunities for such professionals in the next six years (acinet.org).  As stated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologists working in this state in the year 2011 were 380.

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