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Maryland is a historical state and depicts incidents that have happened in the past. As the state neighbors the capital of the country and is home to one of the largest naval academy’s in the country, it has been able to strive forward being a positive regional community. Maryland was known as an industrial state in the first half of the twentieth century.

Due to the nationwide economic downturn and the global affects there has been an increase emphasis on providing health care services to maintain the welfare of people of the state. This is the main reason why abnormal psychology schools in Maryland are gaining popularity. These psychologists are needed to help those who are frustrated due the lack of employment opportunities. To reduce the risk of domestic ills that arise from cases of depression which further lead to substance and alcohol abuse such professionals have been playing a critical role. Now in order to eradicate the rise of these ills education in psychology is encouraged.

One must earn minimum masters degree to be qualified and licensed as a psychologist in Maryland. However, one must begin studies from an undergraduate level in order to have a strong academic base.  With a bachelor’s degree in this field one could assist other psychologists or be able to work in public welfare to deal with substance abuse or delinquency issues. A master’s degree allows one to be able to play an advisory role and perform the counseling therapies.

The annual median income earned by such psychologists in the year 2011 was calculated to be $97,900. The National Institutes of Health is the largest health care employer with almost 10,000 health professionals dealing with various issues.  According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, Maryland is ranked at the 3rd position having 620 psychologists employed in 2011.

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