Abnormal Psychology Colleges in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky is situated in the upper southern region of the United States. It is considered as a commonwealth state along with Massachusetts, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The economy of the state relies upon non agricultural industries such as medical facilities, auto manufacturing and energy fuel production.

Abnormal psychology schools in Kentucky offer various programs to interested individuals to have a career in abnormal psychology. This discipline deals with the abnormal and psychological aspects of human mind. As an abnormal psychologist, you will develop an identification of diseases, approaches for treatments and consult material from journals, textbooks, and manuals for the identification. They facilitate customers, patients or coworkers and provide emotional support or medical attention. They apply psychological testing information, utilize research methodology, come up with recommendations and analyze the existing proofs or facts. They help out in collection of information through interviews, understanding personal or interactive issues, and plan psychological tests to administer patients. Abnormal psychologist also treat patients by have meetings with them on weekly basis in order to note down their progress and come up with better treatment plans.

For becoming an abnormal psychologist, students must begin the academic process with a bachelor’s in psychology to build a strong base. Later, they could decide to go for a master’s degree for advance knowledge of the subject. For higher education, they should earn a doctoral degree in abnormal psychology. It may not be important for a candidate to have prior work experience; nevertheless the internship could turn out to be fruitful. For becoming a professional of this field, candidates need to have a Kentucky psychologist licensure abiding by the rules of the state. The median salary for an abnormal psychologist in 2012 in Kentucky is $36,000 annually (simplyhired.com). According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 there were around 140 psychologists serving various areas of health care industry in Kentucky.

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