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Illinois is one of the most economically secure and successful states of Untied States of America. The state accumulates fifth largest income from agriculture in the entire nation. Mostly, the employment opportunities could be seen in various service industries including education and health care.

With a population of 12,869,257 the state has developed into many metropolises where large population lives and works. Such cities include Chicago and Rockford. Now with an increased level of urbanization there is always a constant threat of growing social issues. This has resulted in many health issues arising from alcoholism and drug abuse. With a growth in population there is a need for health care facilities to look after the health and well being of state’s residents. The overall economic downturn has resulted in an increase in the number of disturbed individuals which is why abnormal psychology schools in Illinois are growing in number.

In order to be hired as a professional psychologist one should earn a PhD in psychology which allows evaluating and measuring mental health issues. However, student might start off with a bachelor’s degree in psychology which makes them eligible to serve as a social worker or a substance abuse counselor. A master’s degree in psychology leads to a doctorate program. During this program one learns about the counseling practices that provide the capability to be able perform marriage and family therapy services. However, it helps to enter research department as well.

In Illinois, the median annual income for such professionals in the year 2011 was $92,700 and the highest earning recorded was of $116,600. The largest health care employer is the Johnston R Bowman Health Centers that has 8,000 qualified professionals working towards ensuring best health care services. In the next six years, the employment level for such professionals will rise by 8%. (acinet.org)

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