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The state of Georgia has become one of the economic power houses of the southern region of the United States. The state initially started off as an agricultural region with a major emphasis on cotton cultivation but now has become one of the nation’s largest producers of textiles. The state has a relatively large population of about over 9,815,210. With limited opportunities in extracurricular activities and low level of social grouping there is an increase seen in mental issues. This is the reason why there are plenty of abnormal psychology schools in Georgia.

Abnormal psychologists treat people suffering from various mental and behavioral issues that result in stress, depression and other psychological changes. The educational requirements for being a qualified psychologist should be fulfilled for a higher post and growth opportunities. Students must earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology which includes subjects related to social factors that end up in psychological ailments. With a graduate degree one might get qualified for health care employment at the position of case manager or work in social welfare centers. In a master’s program one learns about psychotherapy and psycho diagnostic techniques and methods. This level of education enables one to work as a counselor in various forms particularly with concern to children, couples or families in domestic and public environments. With a PhD one studies assessment techniques and neurosciences. This qualification is the most comprehensive and acceptable to grab higher level positions at work.

The largest health care employer in the state is the Emory University Hospital which has an estimated 9,000 employees. These psychologists typically get associated with hospitals, mental health care centers, rehabilitation centers, mental asylums or set up their own clinics. The median annual salary earned by such qualified individuals in the year 2012 is $51,000. By 2018, the employment level for such psychologists in Georgia is expected to increase by 6%. (acinet.org)

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