Psychiatry Schools in Tennessee

If you are planning a psychiatry career, you need educated at a higher learning institution. The psychiatry schools in Tennessee offer a well-rounded program of education, training, and research study in the field.

Apart from the schools listed below, there are four schools in the state, East Tennessee State University, Meharry medical College, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and Vanderbilt University. Each offers a highly regarded medical program. You can earn your bachelors degree, your medical degree, and your residency through these schools. Vaderbilt University is a medical hospital, so you could spend your entire 12 years of learning in the institution, never having to transfer to anywhere else.

Your field of study can range from addiction psychiatry, child psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, and even forensic psychiatry. Forensic psychiatry offers you the chance to work with the courts and the police officials. You are asked to evaluate victims, criminals, and other members in a case. Your judgment is used to help protect, better, or treat the individuals involved.

The 12 years it takes to be able to practice on your own are well worth it in the end. You get a rewarding career, where you are responsible for helping people every day. You evaluate, diagnose, and treat multiple mental health problems. You are able to continue research in your field to help find new treatments, new cures, and new methods to alleviating the symptoms of chemical dependency.

In Tennessee the median income for a psychiatry professional is $174,231 a year according to The field is fat growing, offering a rewarding path for those who choose to follow. If a bachelor’s degree is already obtained, then you only need to find a school offering the D.O. or M.D. of four years. You then can start your four years of residency and begin treating individuals on your own shortly after. The psychiatry schools in Tennessee offer easy enrollment, great options for your field of study, and highly trained professionals to train and educate you in each field.

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