Psychology Careers in West Virginia

West Virginia is a beautiful state of mountains and it is famous for its topography. It is recorded to be the 37th most populous states in United States. It holds the title of the world’s most densely karstic areas which is suitable for scientific research and recreational caving. To support the research sector, psychology careers in West Virginia might play a large role. Psychologists in this state could indulge in activities to help support scientific research for a better tomorrow. According to United States Census Bureau, it has the population of 1,855,364 in 2011. Its economy is 62nd largest globally, according to World Bank projections of 2009. Ranked in 2010 by Forbes, Morgantown was the 10th best small city of the state for business. Therefore, those who intend to find a career as psychologists could settle down in this city to avail best opportunities in various sectors.


West Virginia is the largest coal producer, which is known to be the backbone of its economy. According to West Virginia Labor Market Information, the state’s economy has been growing tremendously, even at the time of recession. Its economy has evolved greatly from agrarian and mining based industries to a technology, services and tourism-based economy. Therefore, demand of qualified individuals has also increased considerably.

If an individual has completed a bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degree in Psychology, he/she is qualified to work. West Virginia has showed an inclination towards hiring psychologists in educational services, government and business sector. The governor of West Virginia has stressed on educating its population to help them get employed and for that matter it has been assured that employment rate remains high. Psychological concepts, therefore, assist greatly to restore confidence in the economy, which eventually strengthens the government sector.

Government departments take assistance of psychology professionals with specialization in counseling, forensic and research to sculpt policies and handle public relations at the same time.

In the business sector, reputed firms are hiring these professionals to bridge the gap between client and customers through marketing, improved production and a productive workplace environment. Research, industrial/organizational and engineering psychologists are hired to create such an environment.

Education Requirements

Undergraduates develop skills such as critical thinking, complex communication, and conflict resolution to provide services in many sectors. Chemical production, energy and biotech are some of the top industries that look for psychologists to work in recruiting, training, management, corporate health, and organizational development. Moreover, metal, aerospace, tourism, health care, education, social service and automotive are also few industries that hire these professionals. Undergraduates might also work in administration, secondary, post-secondary, childhood development, and special education.

Master’s Degree Holders

A master’s degree in psychology with a specialization makes graduates top candidates for employment opportunities. These professionals with a specialized degree are hired in correctional facilities, group home, hospitals, halfway houses, senior centers, mental health facilities, counseling centers and non-profit organizations.


After four years of hard work, individuals deserve to work at a higher position. Doctorate degree graduates try to understand human behavior thoroughly and spend hours in libraries to complete a dissertation. More opportunities along with a higher salary could be attained once you are hired after completing one of these majors, industrial/organizational, educational, clinical, sports, experimental, and social psychology. They are hired in a variety of settings, such as social service agencies, correctional institutions, substance abuse clinics, hospitals and government agencies.

License Requirements

Once you are done with a master’s program, you have to complete 3000 hours of supervised training, which is considered to be obligatory. You are then eligible to pass the Clinical Mental Health Counseling examination that is essential for licensure process in West Virginia.

Career Opportunities

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year 2018 the employment opportunities for psychologists in social assistance and health care will increase to 24%. On the other hand, the job market for these professionals will continue to expand due to popularity of services they provide. These statistics provide a positive and bright picture to those who intend to work in West Virginia as psychologists. The top employers in West Virginia are Wal Mart, West Virginia United Health System and Charleston Area Medical Center.

Engineering Psychologists

A skyrocketing demand for these psychologists has attracted many professionals who have been serving in other states. Due to growing industries in West Virginia, people have been settling down in this state to become an integral part of high-tech industries. For the development and growth of companies, engineering psychologists are hired to help people connect with the technology to make the right use of it. They might encounter tremendous employment opportunities with a PhD degree in this area of study. Employment opportunities can be found in private firms, government agencies, and software houses.

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists

West Virginia’s economy continues to grow more with the passage of time as it has moved on to tourism and technology-based system. Industrial/organizational psychologists are, therefore, hired to enhance employee relations and productivity in the industries. As projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it continues to grow at the rate of 26% by 2018 (

Health and Development Psychologists

The population of West Virginia has been growing along with its economy, therefore the government has been emphasizing on educating people on health issues to create a healthy workforce. Health and development psychologists will be witnessing a remarkable growth in the health care sector, which will allow them to provide services in hospitals, healthcare centers, pediatric hospitals and private health care facilities. They could also be employed in state funded research centers on childhood development, educational testing, career counseling and mental health counseling.

Salary Outlook

According to, psychologists in West Virginia earn an average salary of $72,208 annually.

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