Sports Psychology Schools in Idaho

If you want to become a sports psychologist in the state of Idaho then you have to fulfill certain fixed requirements which are essential in this state. The first step is to become enough knowledgeable about the field that you could chose it with your will.

By becoming a sports psychologist you might handle athletes and treat all the mental issues that they have. You might be hired for evaluating all the psychological reasons that could be a cause of an athlete’s good or bad performance. There are some other factors which directly influence health of athletes which mainly includes exercise. Your job might also be to consider psychological and physical factors that are affected by exercise. The basic job that you might perform at times could be of training sportsmen and looking after them in case of injuries, broken bones and rehabilitation.

Now that you know that what your work could be as a sports psychologist, it is essential to know what sports psychology colleges in Idaho operate. There are no specific schools for sports psychology but there could be colleges specializing in psychology. Generally degrees in sports psychology could be chosen as a specialization at master’s level and then you could proceed with a PhD program. In Idaho, the University of Idaho has many similar programs available. Even the department faculty has teachers and professors who have studied sports psychology. In this degree program you might learn about psychological features of sports as well as ways of coaching sportsmen to become excellent athletes.You should also read about general education and licensure requirements for psychologists in Idaho.

Your work might be centered in all sports facilities where you could work as a coach or trainer. You might also be hired to observe changes that might be affecting players’ performances.  In these settings you could earn around $46,000 per year, as of 2012. There were 740 employed clinical and counseling psychologists in 2011. This rate is expected to increase by 22% in the next 8 years (BLS).

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