Rehabilitation Psychology Degree Programs

Rehabilitation psychology requires the use of psychological knowledge and skills for the purpose of facilitating individuals who are suffering from different kinds of disabilities and chronic health conditions. This is aimed towards being able to maximize the health and welfare of the people who depend on others to live a normal life. Rehabilitation psychologists are equipped with education and practical experience to work with people from diverse backgrounds. This is a good area of practice for those who are passionate about helping others and communicating about their needs.


Rehabilitation psychologists design various programs that have the objective of helping people with disabilities. They talk to their patients in order to uncover the issues and their psychological effects. They address the different factors that affect the participation of people with disabilities. Some of the areas that they assess include personal, physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and behavioral factors that create an impact on their patients. Aside from communication with their patients, these psychologists also understand the mental condition of their clients and provide recommendations on what they can do in order to increase their self-confidence.  They also work with a team of knowledgeable people in order to analyze the environment of the people who are suffering from cultural and social issues.

Degree Programs

A basic requirement in being a rehabilitation psychologist would be a bachelor’s degree that will be completed for a period of at least four years. This basic education will provide you with knowledge on the theoretical foundations and concepts of psychology, as well as mental development of people. This will be needed to advance into the master’s program.

The master’s degree is a more elaborate study in the field of psychology and is often needed to earn a competitive edge over other professionals. This is completed for two years and will provide you with clinical training that can be gained though practice and internship.

The most extensive level of study is the doctorate degree and can only be taken once you have completed you master’s education. This level is needed for you to work in supervisory level positions and other areas of work, such as in the field of research.

Career Opportunities

Many people who have been employed in the field of rehabilitation psychology have noted that it is a rewarding job. This may allow you to be engaged in various work activities like consultation, service provision, administration, program development, teaching, and the development of public advocacy and policies. Some of the work settings at which you can be employed would include healthcare institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient mental health clinics, private healthcare facilities, and other healthcare centers. You may also be employed in educational institutions and impart your knowledge in this area to your students. In a statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has been noted that by the year 2028, there will be at least 14% of growth in the employment within the field of psychology.

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