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The state of Wisconsin is known as America’s Dairyland because it is one of the United States leading dairy producers. Located in the north central part of the United States, it borders the Great Lakes and encompasses Milwaukee and Madison as well as many smaller cities and towns. In addition to dairy production, agriculture, tourism, healthcare, and manufacturing are contributors to the diverse economy of the state. Part of the healthcare professionals leading the way for recovery and growth in Wisconsin, are licensed Psychiatrists. Through medical schools, Psychiatrists gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the human body, as well as the human mind to help diagnosis and treat individuals with mild to severe mental illnesses. While considered below the national average in salary, Psychiatrists in Wisconsin enjoy a range of salaries from $145,733 to over $221,982 according to

Working in emergency rooms, clinical environments, research facilities, long-term nursing facilities, with the courts and prisons, and in private practice, Psychiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of mental illnesses and conditions, whether they stand alone or are related to physical maladies or injuries. Because they are medical doctors that have specialized in psychiatric care, they are uniquely qualified to treat and diagnosis patients by ordering a variety of tests for evaluation and treatment plan development. In recent years, the advancement in the neurosciences in both knowledge and technology have led to expedited diagnosis through brain imaging and new pharmaceuticals for treatment.

Many Psychiatrists choose to specialize in one of the following areas: child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, addiction and substance abuse treatment, public health, PTSD, and the field of psychiatric research. According to studies, it is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans currently have some sort of mental illness which can range from mild to life-threatening. Psychiatrists today are an integral part of our healthcare industry and provide patients with focused treatments for their mental illnesses encouraging a healthier mind and body.

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