Psychiatry Schools in Washington

The Pacific coast is a great place to live.  Some may find Los Angeles or San Francisco a little too crowded and stressful for their tastes.  One of the most relaxing and scenic areas with both an ocean coastline and wooded mountains is Washington state.  Many people decide to plant roots in Washington because of the lush greenery.  What they often forget about is how much rain it takes to keep nature so vibrant and beautiful.  Rain is also recognized as a leading source of depression.  This makes Washington a good location for anyone who wants to get started in a psychiatry career.

There are 23 schools in Washington with accredited programs offering Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees.  Contact a school near you or in an area you would like to live in to find out what degree programs are offered and ask about tuition assistance options.  Paying for a psychology degree can be expensive and all of Washington’s accredited schools are able to provide information about scholarship, grant and student loan opportunities.  Many of the larger corporations located in Washington like Microsoft and Google offer tuition reimbursement to their employees.

Once a psychology degree has been earned, the employment opportunities in Washington are plentiful.  Seattle and Portland are great places start your career in psychology.  These two cities are filled with opportunities for clinical, school and counseling psychiatry professionals.  While these are large population centers, they still have that relaxed homey culture you find in small towns throughout America.  If you would still prefer a more rural setting, there are employment opportunities in smaller towns too.

The median salary for a psychologist in Washington is $73,000 annually, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Salaries in Portland and Seattle are generally higher than in the rural areas. With Washington’s low overall cost of living, the salaries available for psychiatry professionals provides for a very comfortable lifestyle.

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