Psychiatry Schools in Virginia

Where we choose to go to school is always a personal decision that rests on a number of different factors.  One of the biggest concerns is cost. Finding an affordable college or university can be challenging. In many cases we end up going to a school near where we live because cost becomes the most important consideration. For someone interested in a psychiatry career, finding a school with a great program is equally important. Virginia is one of the states that should be on the radar of anyone serious about the psychiatry profession.

The University of Virginia is ranked among the top 10 psychiatry schools in the US by Education  UV is at the top of the list for most people searching for a psychology program that can launch a successful and rewarding career in mental health. Even if the University of Virginia isn’t an option due to cost or other factors, there are 39 other accredited schools with outstanding programs to consider.

As one of the founding colonies of this great nation, Virginia has always been a place where excellent educational opportunities can be found. Accredited schools in Virginia offer a variety of degrees in psychology starting with a basic Certificate and progressing all the way to a Doctorate.  Most are even recognized as specialists in certain fields like Quantitative Psychology, Pastoral Counseling, Clinical Psychology and Social Psychology.

In addition to identifying a Virginia school that specializes in your area of interest, consider the location of the school. Most are near urban centers but, there are a few situated in more tranquil rural settings. Many also offer online courses which may make choosing a Virginia school easier for someone living out of state or already working a full time job.

If you don’t plan to practice in Virginia, make sure the school is endorsed by the APA, NASP or other nationally recognized authority.

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