Psychiatry Schools in Vermont

Living on the Atlantic coast can be a pretty stressful existence.  While life in Vermont may not be as fast and furious as New Jersey or Washington D. C., it is still nice to have someone you can talk to and receive guidance from about all the stressors in your daily life.  Friends and family are certainly great at helping out when the issues are brought on by blizzards and other inclement weather.  Dealing with the stress of raising children, working in an economy that is constantly threatening you with potential downsizing and the many other stressors a modern existence entails, a psychiatry profession is a better choice.

Perhaps the best choice of all is starting a career in the psychology field.  Vermont is home to 14 accredited psychology schools.  The programs available range from Associate all the way to Doctoral Degrees and cover a wide variety of specialized disciplines.  This makes it easy for you to find a program that focuses on what you are most passionate about.

If you enjoy working with young children, a program that focuses on Developmental Psychology is the perfect choice. Clinical Psychology is ideal for someone interested in helping people with serious mental problems.  Perhaps you want to be able to help people deal with addictions or just become better at handling all of their day to day stressors. If this is the case, a counseling program is for you.

Each school offers programs with different focuses within the psychology field.  You should contact the schools near you with accredited psychology programs to find out exactly what specialized coursework they offer.  To help alleviate the stress of paying for your education, you can also ask about financial assistance programs.  Most schools offer some form of financial aid from scholarships and grants to low interest student loans.

Handling the stress of everyday life is certainly much easier with a psychology degree.

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