Psychiatry Schools in Texas

Psychiatry schools in Texas offer education that promotes the highest quality of care for those with mental illnesses or chemical dependencies.  The state is dedicated to training the best health professionals, scientists, and scholars to become leaders in the field of psychiatry. Research programs are offered to help aid in the treatment options available, and to help find cures for persistent mental illnesses.

The schools offer clinical studies in adult, child, and geriatric psychiatry. There are a variety of schools to choose from. There are more than 10 medical schools are located throughout the state, in cities like El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

Psychiatric graduates who enter the field can expect to work one-on-one with patients. They evaluate mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating these disorders. The professional can prescribe medication as part of their treatment plan. The degree is required from an accredited school, and state licensing is required in order to practice.

The median salary for someone working in the psychiatric field in Texas is around $191,000 according to The field is a very lucrative field to be in. With the amount of stress that daily life offers, there is no fear of the field becoming obsolete. The field continues to grow, with the need for more and more professionals.

The training and education timeline is demanding. A bachelor’s degree is needed, and then four years spent in medical school. In addition to the education time, four-year residency training is required before the student can start practicing on their own. That is 12 years of school, so if you are planning on starting your career in psychiatry, you better be serious.

Texas offers some of the well-known schools in the country for psychiatry study. You get a top –notch education, training by the top professors in the field, and access to some of the best research in the state.

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