Psychiatry Schools in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in United States considering the size of the area but it is also the second most densely populated state. The largest industry in Rhode Island is the healthcare services industry, which employs a large number of people. Graduates from psychiatry programs can find most jobs within the healthcare industry so Rhode Island is perfect for anybody looking to build a career in Psychiatry.

Psychiatry is a study of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

Psychiatry professionals ideally need to complete an MD, which specializes in Mental Health Care. After attaining the degree, you are required to practice as a psychiatric resident for four years. Psychiatrists can take a specialty board examination after their training in order to be board certified. People interested in psychiatry can choose to specialize within this field in areas like child psychiatry, addiction psychiatry or forensic psychiatry.

Brown University is among the very few schools in Rhode Island that offer degree programs and training in Psychiatry and Human Behavior. University of the Rockies offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Mental Health Administration.

Students can take basic psychology, behavioral science or sociology courses in the first few years of undergraduate years.

What must complement education is certification – this is the next step. To practice psychiatry you must be certified. The regulating body on certification is The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Inc. ( Do visit the website to learn about requirements, testing, eligibility, schedules and the like.

Rhode Island is one of the states that has a high concentration of jobs in psychiatry with an annual mean wage of $174,170, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Psychiatry graduates can find employment in industries like psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, outpatient care centers, mental health facilities or physician offices. Lifespan, St. Josephs Hospital and Our Lady of Fatima Hospital are some of the well-known employers for people in the psychiatry profession.

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