Psychiatry Schools in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania happens to be one of the original founding states of the United States. It enjoys a large population (ranked 6th among the other states) which is able to add value to the economy yielding a high GSP (gross state product). It is always a good idea to be in an economy that is enjoying stability and growth.

If you wish to help treat people who are suffering from mental or psychological disorders then you should become a psychiatrist. Using various research techniques including experiments and therapy sessions, a psychiatrist can determine the cause of a mental problem and accordingly prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to treat and prevent it from reoccurring.

Educational Requirements and Certification

The educational system in Pennsylvania is very strong and expansive. It has over 500 public school districts along with many colleges and universities. With around 14 state-owned universities, you may not have any problem in starting your psychiatry studies.

Listed below are a few educational institutes that you can explore for your needs. Be sure to thoroughly go through each program’s details such as courses, tuition, faculty, and so on. The institute’s market reputation, research options and internship opportunities are variables that may shape your decision.

  1. Pennsylvania State University – Main Campus
  2. Temple University
  3. University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Campus
  4. Drexel University
  5. Villanova University
  6. University of Pennsylvania

These are just a few institutes that you can explore. Also check out distance learning options that may provide a greater number of educational options.

Once you are done with education, you should seek certification as without a certificate you will be unable to practice psychiatry. The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Inc. ( will prove helpful in this regard.

Salary outlook

The average yearly salary for a psychiatrist in Pennsylvania is $71,000 ( As you steadily gain market experience, work on new and unique cases and work with a number of patients, your earning potential may significantly increase.

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