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The word Oklahoma can be translated in English as ‘red people’. Oklahoma is a larger producer and supplier of natural gas, agricultural produce and oil. Not only is it one of the fastest expanding economies in the nation, it also has one of the highest per capita income and GDP growths. Starting your career is a good option in this environment.

Psychiatry is much like psychology – however perhaps the greatest difference is that psychiatry uses the assistance of pharmaceutical products and drugs to help treat patients with mental problems and disorders. After carefully studying and assessing the patient, a psychiatrist can assign a route for recovery and prevention that may use prescribed medicine.


In order to become a psychiatrist, you will need to fulfill a few requirements. All the below mentioned requirements may not be applicable to you and depend on variables such as the stage of your career/education, the state you wish to study or work in, market dynamics and various employers.

1.  Education – you will need to complete a psychiatry degree program that will provide you with academic training and exposure to the basic and advanced principles of psychiatry. Various schools exist that you should research including;

  1. University of Oklahoma – Norman Campus
  2. Oklahoma City Community College
  3. Northeastern State University
  4. Rose State College
  5. Cameron University
  6. University of Tulsa

2.  Certification – you will need to be certified if you wish to practice psychiatry. Visit the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Inc. ( to learn about the certification process, schedules and its requirements which may vary from state to state.

3.  Research/internship – some employers prefer candidates to have taken part in internships or academic researches. This depends on the seniority of the position you are applying for and the employer.

Market Overview

The average annual salary for a psychiatrist in Oklahoma is $62,000 ( As you expand your clientele and gain exposure to many cases, this figure may increase.

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