Psychiatry Schools in Ohio

Ohio is the 10th most populated state of the US and is bustling with economic activity. It is a favorable place for entrepreneurs and business developers – so much so that Ohio ranked at number 2 for the best business climate in 2010 (Site Selection magazine). With around 13 state universities you should have plenty of options for studying psychiatry.

With the help of pharmaceutical drugs and medicine, a psychiatrist attempts to treat a patient suffering from mental disorders or issues. It is a process that starts with identifying and diagnosing the problem through research and experiments. The services and expertise of a psychiatrist are always utilized by those in need of them.

Schooling and Certification

Ohio has one of the nation’s largest state university systems and in effect you should be able to enjoy a high standard of education with plenty of opportunities. When looking for a degree program, you should consider a variety of variables such as faculty, curriculum, research facilities, market value, tuition, financing options, internship options and the like. Assign weights to each so that it can help you in your decision making. Below are a few schools that you can check out;

  1. Ohio State University – Main campus
  2. University of Cincinnati – Main campus
  3. University of Akron – Main campus
  4. University of Toledo
  5. Owens Community College
  6. Sinclair Community College

You should also explore the possibility of online education and distance learning. This will give you more options which may prove convenient and fruitful. Certification is the next step for you after education especially if you plan to practice psychiatry.

Salary Outlook

The average annual salary for a psychiatrist in Ohio is $71,000 ( If you decide to start your own private practice then the chances of greater return may be significantly higher.

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