Psychiatry Schools in North Dakota

North Dakota happens to be the 3rd least populated State.  It also enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. The largest contributor to the economy is agriculture while industries such as technology, food processing and petroleum also play a role. The state has numerous hospitals, nursing homes and rural health clinics.

Psychiatry is the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of psychological disorders and illnesses. A psychiatrist must understand the patient’s condition and accordingly prescribe medications to assist in the treatment. Frequent and timely checkups may be required to ensure progress.

Education and Certification

Without the backing of education and academic training, you cannot expect to get far in the medical industry. In a field as intricate, sophisticated and demanding as psychiatry, the industry demands excellence and standards which can only be attained through education and certification.

In North Dakota you will find a number of educational institutes that can assist you in fulfilling your academic and career needs. There are around 13 public colleges and universities situated in North Dakota. Some institutes you can explore are:

  • North Dakota State University
  • University of North Dakota
  • Minot State University
  • University of Mary
  • Dickinson State University
  • Jamestown College

When selecting a college, consider variables such as tuition, distance, internship opportunities, curriculum, faculty, research facilities and so on. It is important you find a program that is well balanced.

After education, the next step is to acquire certification as only then will you be able to practice psychiatry. Details such as testing, coursework, deadlines, preparation and so on should be thoroughly researched.

Job Outlook

The average annual salary for a psychiatrist in North Dakota is $62,000 ( In the future if you chose to start your own private practice, then your earning potential may increase significantly. Opportunities can be found in clinics, hospitals, labs, research and pharmaceutical companies.

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