Psychiatry Schools in New York

The chances of seeking employment is higher for Psychiatrists in New York compared to other U.S. states. With more than 19 million people residing in the populous state, the field of psychiatry is admirable for individuals wanting to pursue an education or employment as a psychiatrist, assistant or technician. The cities that have the highest employment in New York are New York City, Buffalo, Albany, MT Vernon, Syracuse, Rochester, Schenectady, Staten Island, Utica and Yonkers. There are over seventy five (75) colleges, technical schools, universities and medical schools in the northwestern U.S. state. The institutions provide psychiatry educational curriculum to students within the state and out of state.

New York encompass plenty of schools to start a psychiatry career. If an individual wants to become a licensed psychiatry to practice medicine, the combined years of study and practice can exceed ten years. The process of completing a bachelor degree, master degree, medical degree and passing the N.Y. State Board Medical exam is lengthy. The University of Buffalo has an innovative psychiatry department. Its specialties are Child and Adolescent, Community, CPEP (Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program), Consultation-Liaison, Forensic and Geriatric.

Students can continue a psychiatry educational program at the University of Buffalo, Albany Medical College, Albert Einstein College of Medicine or Richmond University Medical Center. The medical schools that offer a residency program have requirements before acceptance. The Albert Einstein College of Medicine select residents based on aptitude, credentials of academic, communication skills and other qualifications. Residents must complete an ERA application, provide recommendation correspondences, and submit a copy of a notarized medical school diploma. Other requirements are an interview with program directors and submitting an original copy of Deans Correspondence from Medical School.

Successful graduates of a residency program can look forward to receiving an estimated annual salary of $165,000. According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics, employment in New York is approximately 3400 (May 2012). There are 1,410 of psychiatrist aides and technicians. Aides and technicians are estimated to earn nearly $40,000. Employment and the salary for psychiatrists, aides and technicians are promising in the Empire State.

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