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Saint Louis, Missouri is home to one of the most famous trials in American history-the Dred Scott trials. Architect William Rumbold designed the famous dome over the Old Court where these historic trials took place. However, that is not the only thing Rumbold is famous for designing. In 1869, the Saint Louis County Lunatic Asylum was also done by Rumbold. It was the second mental health clinic in Missouri at the time and continues to be one of the most famous although the name has since been changed to Saint Louis State Hospital. For those in the Eastern part of the state, it continues to be a saving grace, servings hundreds of thousands of people in need of mental health assistance each year.

Why is this such important information? The answer is that Saint Louis State Hospital plays a pivotal role in educating the many students of psychiatry that Missouri produces. Since 1951, this facility has offered aspiring psychiatrists three year residency programs to get them started on the path to licensure. In 1964 this hospital became affiliated with the University of Missouri’s department of psychiatry. UM has one of the country’s finest psychiatry libraries, making it the most popular school for psychiatry students to apply to in the whole state. In fact, the actual hospital has been ranked among the top 5% in the United States according to the Missouri Institute of Mental Health.

Knowing all of this, it is clear why so many people choose to get their education in psychiatry from schools in Missouri. The history is rich, the schools and training are excellent and the job outlook is amazing from what we are told by the BLS. As far as salary goes, it varies from region to region. For instance, according to, those practicing in Blue Springs, Missouri make nearly $193,000 per year, while those practicing in Spring Field, Missouri make about $183,000 per year. This $10,000 difference is quite significant so choose carefully when considering what part of the state to set up shop.

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