Psychiatry Schools in Michigan

Michigan stands at 9th place among the other states in terms of population. It is home to one of the largest freshwater coastlines in the world, so if you enjoy water related activities then this is the ideal state for you while you study psychiatry.

A psychiatrist studies and treats the human mind. If you wish to become a psychiatrist, you will need to spend a number of years with education and training – eventually with your knowledge and training you will be able to help patients though their mental and psychological issues, disorders and illnesses.

Education and Certification

You should find a school that suits your needs and can help your career. Depending on your desired level, you will find various degree programs and courses. A bachelor’s, associate or a master’s degree are various options that you can look into.

Listed below are a few schools that you should explore.

  • Michigan State University
  • Wayne State University
  • Western Michigan University
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Oakland University
  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Ferris State University
  • Baker College Centre for Graduate Studies

Remember to pick a school that is convenient in terms of commuting, financing and scheduling. Look for online schooling as a possibility too – you may find new options. During your education or towards its completion, you should find internship opportunities. This will help you relate theoretical concepts with practical exposure.

Details pertaining to course work, exam schedule, testing and so on need to be thoroughly studied. Certification is considered necessary if you wish to begin practicing psychiatry. Furthermore, some employers may prefer to hire those candidates who are certified as it guarantees a standard of excellence.

Market Overview

The average annual salary of a psychiatrist in Michigan is $78,000 ( The usual employers are BAS Healthcare, Enterprise Medical Services, and Henry Ford Health System among others.

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