Psychiatry Schools in Kentucky

A psychiatrist is a qualified physician who is an expert in the field of understanding and treating mental and psychological issues and disorders in patients. This is done through a number of psychological tests and physical examinations. As a psychiatrist you will be able to prescribe drugs to your patients.

Being the 26th most populous state in the US, Kentucky was known for its favorable farming conditions and was hence supported by a strong agrarian economy. Now it has branched out into the energy fuel, medical and auto manufacturing industries.

Education Overview

Like with any industry, you will need the correct academic qualifications if you wish to seek employment. This is necessary because the industry demands a minimum level of excellence from all its participants.

Check out various schools that may offer various psychiatry degrees and courses. Some schools that should help you with your goals are University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University, Eastern Kentucky University, Morehead State University and Campellsville University among others. Distance learning options should also be explored.

Depending on your degree requirements, you may find suitable programs for Associates, Bachelors, Masters degrees as well as various diploma options. Some courses you may come across include Psychiatry, Chemistry, Physiology, Psychology, Theorists, Research, and so on.

After fulfilling your desired academic requirements, you should get certified so that you can become a licensed psychiatrist. To learn about certification requirements such as examinations, schedules, content and so on, you should refer to The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc. ( Certification may allow you to upgrade your career.

Market Snapshot

The average annual salary for a psychiatrist in Kentucky is $64,000 ( This is bound to increase as you broaden your clientele and gain valuable market experience.

Some places where you can apply for jobs in Kentucky include Norton Healthcare, FCS First Choice Services, Staff Care, CompHealth, MedSource Consultants and many others. Online job portals should also help you improve your search.

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