Psychiatry Schools in Kansas

Centuries ago, many Native American tribes had settled in what is now known as Kansas. The state’s economy is fueled by both agricultural and industrial output. The aerospace industry has also taken root in Kansas.

Psychiatry is one of the many branches of medicine and is often loosely interchanged with psychology. However, education and certification requirements for both fields are different. Furthermore, while psychiatrists also aim at improving the mental fitness of a patient, they can also prescribe medicine unlike psychologists.

Education and Certification

If you wish to become a psychiatrist you must first acquire academic qualifications and certifications. This is necessary in any field of medicine as there is a certain level of excellence that must be maintained since human lives are at stake.

Some schools where you can study psychiatry and similar courses are University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Fort Hays State University, Butler Community College, Pittsburg State University and many others. Here you may come across various courses that will add value to your learning experience. Such courses may include Psychiatry Principles, Physiology, Chemistry, Psychology, Communication Skills, Methods in Research and many others.

For certification and license information you should visit the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc. ( After you acquire a license, you may start practicing.

Market Overview

Psychiatrists can earn a decent leaving and can enjoy greater returns as they gain more market experience and knowledge. The average annual salary for psychiatrists in Kansas is $66,000 ( As you gain valuable experience with patients and different cases you will gain critical experience to push your career further. With all your training and knowledge you could even practice privately.

Some employers that you can explore in Kansas are Rural Health Education Services, Veteran Affairs and others. You may find opportunities in the public or private sector. Research companies and pharmaceutical giants are always developing new products that may aid the industry so you may find research based positions as well.

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