Psychiatry Schools in Indiana

Psychiatrists are medical professionals who treat people with mental disorders such as, schizophrenia. Can a psychiatrist and psychologist practice psychotherapy? The answer is yes to the question. The difference between the two professions is that a psychiatrist is a medical doctor and a psychologist is a therapist or specialist. Therapists and specialists aren’t medical physicians and can’t medical treat mental disorders. Psychology students study the science of the mind and psychiatry students study the medical treatment of the mind.

In Indiana there are over forty educational institutions including colleges and universities that offer psychiatry programs. Some of the institutions include the following: Butler University in Butler; Earlham College in Richmond; Taylor University; Anderson University; Purdue University; Ball State University; and Manchester College in Manchester. Online programs are offered at Anderson University if students prefer self-directive courses. The online classroom settings are similar to actual classroom setting at a university. Students are required to work in teams on various assignments and to participate in virtual classrooms.

People who want to major in Psychiatry should be ambitious and committed to complete years of study in psyche. A student is subjected to four years of undergraduate studies, two to four years of graduate studies and four years of residency training. That is more than ten years of devoted time studying and practicing psychiatry before becoming State Board Medical Certified. Licensed Psychiatrists in the state of Indiana can earn approximately $206,000 yearly (U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics, 2012). The state employs nearly three hundred psychiatrists annually.

When a student enters medical school in Indiana his or her psychiatrist career has just begun. After completion of medical school the student receives four years of training at a residency mental health hospital or institution. Most hospitals including community have a psychiatric department to treat patients with mental disorders and illnesses. The residency programs consist of mental evaluation, family medicine, community psychiatry, suicidal behavior, forensic psychiatry and electroconvulsive therapy training. Indiana contains many universities and colleges to begin a successful psychiatry career.

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