Psychiatry Schools in Idaho

To become a psychiatrist in the state of Idaho it requires years of study and training to practice psyche medicine. Licensed medical psychiatrists can earn an average wage mean of $219,340, according to the United States Department of Labor Statistics. The average hourly wage is approximately $105.00. There are a selection of psychiatry schools in Idaho including the following:

  1. Idaho State University
  2. College of Southern Idaho
  3. University of Idaho
  4. Boise State University
  5. Brigham Young University

The universities and college listed above are accredited schools to begin a certificate, associate, bachelor, master or doctoral program. The educational institutions that offer online programs are Brigham Young University and College of Southern Idaho. The College of Southern Idaho offers an associate psychiatry program. Brigham Young has certificate and doctorate programs in psychology.

Psychologists and psychiatrists have to complete years of study in psychology, although there are differences in professions. Psychiatrists are licensed medical physicians and psychologists aren’t. Psychologists are required to study the science of psyche and psychiatrists are required to study psyche medical treatment. Psychologists aren’t licensed medical physician with authority to medical treat mental disorders.

The course requirement for psychiatry majors is extensive until completion of the residency program. Students who want to enroll in an accredited university must have a high school diploma or GED and pass the SAT test before acceptance. To attain a bachelor degree in psychiatry, students must complete and pass all mandatory courses. The courses may include English, Mathematics, Zoology, Biochemistry, Biology and other required courses and electives.

Once a student completes his or her bachelor’s degree, a master degree must be attained. Upon completion of a master degree the student’s career begins by entering a residency program. The residency program requirements are the completion of courses and actual practice of medicine in a mental health facility. There are years of studying before becoming a licensed medical psychiatrist in Idaho. Student may select the same university to attain a bachelor, master and doctorate degrees.

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