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Delaware is a Mid-Atlantic state that ranks 49th in size, 45th in population and sixth in population density. Delaware has the lowest mean elevation of any state, with its highest point being less than 450 feet above sea level. Some of the primary industries are chicken farming, automobile manufacturing, health care, pharmaceuticals, education and banking. While Delaware lacks any national parks or memorials, it does offer some wildlife refuges, historical places, beaches, lighthouses and parks.

Psychiatrist Job Description 

A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders through the use of some combination of psychoanalysis, hospitalization, psychoanalysis and medication.

Psychiatry can be a rewarding career for people who want to treat patients for mental illnesses they might have been suffering from for many years. Mental health is a growing field, now that people are beginning to realize that mental well-being is as important as physical well-being. Psychiatry is starting to make major breakthroughs because of new technology that allows scientists to study the brain better.

Job Opportunities

Many psychiatrists work in hospitals or clinics, assessing and treating patients. These jobs often involve long, grueling hours for a few days per week. Working in a clinic normally won’t pay as much as in a hospital, but it can provide exposure to patients in serious need of help who might not otherwise be able to pay for it. This experience in a clinic can be a valuable starting point for some psychiatrists, allowing them to become comfortable treating people from various social, racial and economic backgrounds.

Some psychiatrists work within an established private practice or set up their own private practice, usually after they’ve been working at an institution for several years. Private practices generally allow for more a more flexible and less grueling schedule, but private practitioners must still be available to their patients via phone and email, sometimes at odd hours. Some psychiatrists rent an office for counseling and treating patients, while others use a room in their home.

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